Mini Rucksack



DIMENSION: 25cm/9,8″ (W on the top) & 20cm/7,8″ (W on the bottom) x 28cm/11″ (H) x 5cm/2″ (D)



The Mini Rucksack is designed to keep up with your fast-moving and unpredictable daily routine. Crafted from thin yet very durable waterproof canvas which makes this lightweight bag ideal for city life. We kept our bags simple, without any unnecessary details. Thanks to its low-profile appearance you can take it to the office as well as the gym. The characteristic leather straps are cut and embroidered by hands. They encircle the whole bag and guarantee perfect protection for your stuff.


Please note that the photo illustrates the shape of the bag and how it would suit you. When ordering, you have to choose the canvas and leather combination. Take advantage of the numerous possibilities and design your Own Custom Backpack according to your taste!

Do you want to customize it more? Add your initial with the Custom Embroidery or add an Additional internal pocket.

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The bag features minimalist straps against a variety of solid colors emphasizing the bag’s urban style. The straps wrap around the backpack, they are used as shoulder straps and also secure the flap. They are adjustable by tying a simple knot (avoiding the use of any kind of unnecessary things like clasps and buckles). On top of its physical features, the bag is also water-repellent! The making process corresponds to the highest ethical standards possible, using even the smallest production leftovers. The bags are Totally Handmade from high- quality Italian material leftovers, such as waste leather and canvas, which make every bag Unique to all the rest. The straps are created by us, sewing together leather pieces with contemporary embroidery stitches. The canvas is Water/Oil Repellent, Resistant to mold, stains, salt and U.V. fading. This backpack is designed for everyday use. It can fit a laptop, books, personal items, clothes… The canvas is treated with Teflon nanotechnology producing a finish that has a higher repellency to dirt, water, and oils, furthermore, it’s resistant to mould, stains, salt, and U.V. fading.

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25cm/9,8" (W on the top) & 20cm/7,8" (W on the bottom) x 28cm/11" (H) x 5cm/2" (D)


100cm/39" (L +/-10cm) x 2,8cm/1" (W)


waterproof heavy canvas, pure italian leather strap


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