Nora Dzsida
– fashion designer – 

Stefano Cangiano
– architect – 

Nina Alexopoulou
– public relations – 

“InconnuLAB is not only a brand name, but our key inspiration resource as well”

InconnuLAB is an Italian slow fashion brand founded in 2013 by Nora Dzsida. She graduated in Economics in 2009. After some years of working in a international work environment, she moved to Italy and decided to change her profession.

In 2011 she started to work as an Art Editor and Cultural Event Organizer. At the same time she began designing unconventional organic jewels. At the end of 2013 she launched InconnuLAB.

These handmade products, made in our Trieste studio, are characterized by functional minimalism and artisan sophistication. We try to reach the highest ethical standards possible, in spite of the drawbacks of slower production and higher costs. We have total control of the manufacturing process which makes it possible for us to use even the smallest production leftovers.